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About Halkyn Security

We are security experts.

We are passionate about security and committed to helping our clients to achieve the most cost-effective security solutions possible. We have experience delivering security advice, training and improvements to organisations across the globe and ranging from small businesses to multinational organisations. We do security. We provide a range of free tools, guides and check-lists to help raise security awareness because we really are passionate about security.

Who we are & what we do

We were founded in 2010 to provide expert security and risk management advice. Since then we have been continuously helping our clients protect their employees, protect their assets, reduce operating costs, exploit new opportunities and win new business. Our base in North Wales gives us easy access to most of the UK and excellent access to international airports for our work with overseas clients. Our security professionals come from military, government and banking backgrounds and add in to this experience of retail, service, and manufacturing sectors.

Since 2013, we have specialised in digital forensics and incident response, helping organisations recover from cyber attacks, minimise the impact of breaches and respond to advanced threat actors.

We work with you, and your key stakeholders, to understand your situation and then help develop the most cost effective security approach to mitigate against realistic security threats. We aren't here to take over your work and we will always look to ensure your security enhances your business. Our security specialists provide a full range of advisory services including threat assessments, vulnerability assessments, site surveys, security architecture reviews and incident response. Depending on your requirements we can also work with designers and planners to ensure security is built in to your new developments (technical or physical) and we can help you investigate security incidents and prevent repeat occurrences.

What makes us different

Completely independent of any supplier, we will never try to force you to select a particular product or service. Our advice is always given with your needs in mind.

What we deliver

Our security consultants deliver high quality, expert security advice and recommendations to assist you in making sure that your assets are properly protected at all times.

Who we work with

We work with everyone: private individuals, businesses, charities and public sector bodies. You can be confident that our consultants can meet your security needs.