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Security Training

Provide your staff with the knowledge they need to be your first line of defence

Your employees matter. It doesn’t matter what security policies you produce or controls you implement, if your staff don’t understand them and know how to use them, they will fail. Good security should enhance the business and awareness training helps embed this in everyday behaviours. Our security experts can provide on-site or off-site training to all your employees from the boardroom to the shop floor. See our testimonials.

Security education & awareness training

Onsite training

Onsite training sessions are tailored to the needs of your organisation. We offer this service as part of all our training packages

  • We plan sessions to fit in with your business cycle and minimise disruption.
  • We deliver training or coaching on the security topics that you choose.
  • We provide training for individuals, small groups and large groups.
  • We are committed to using plain English and to presenting complex material simply and informally.

Get in touch to discuss the many security awareness topics that we offer.

Bespoke staff development

Our bespoke service provides training developed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation.

The most effective security awareness training addresses each organisation’s specific situation so we particularly recommend our bespoke service, delivered as part of your organisation’s overall security development initiative.

When you choose our bespoke service, we’ll work with you to assess the current security posture, what security policies and training you currently have and what threats and risks your business faces.

We’ll then develop a security awareness training campaign that you can deliver to your staff as part of your normal continuous improvement and staff development processes.

Skills your staff will gain

We help employees and executives to gain and use the skills that they need to secure your business.

  • Maintain the physical security of the working environment;
  • Handle and secure sensitive information;
  • Handle sensitive material in paper form;
  • Handle and secure sensitive information using computer systems;
  • Guard against other computer threats such as network intrusions.
  • Respond effectively to threats and breaches.

Make sure your staff care as much about your organisation’s security as you do.

Halkyn Consulting’s Approach

You may need to achieve compliance with information security regulations or standards. You may have experienced the effects of a breach. You may just appreciate how important security training can be for your profitability. Whatever your circumstances, Halkyn Consulting will work with you to put together a cost-effective training solution.

Standard Topics

Session content varies according to the security risk profile of each organisation. Typically, general security training sessions cover some or all of the following:

  • Identification of physical assets and sensitive information.
  • Standards compliance
  • Consequences of failure to protect assets.
  • Company security policies, roles and responsibilities.

Don’t let lack of awareness leave your organisation vulnerable.

Tailored & flexible service

Our security advice will always be geared towards making your activities secure rather than stopping them. We work with you. We won’t force you to change the things that make your business successful. Our service will always be flexible enough to work around your organisation and staff.

Depending on your circumstances, we can work with you at your offices, warehouses, client locations or over the phone to deliver the most effective service possible.

Security awareness sessions form an integral part of our other consultancy services to enterprises, such as our annual security package.

Promoting awareness

Halkyn Consulting is proud to share the benefits of our expertise to promote security awareness. We have a range of free security resources for you to download.

Our publications are free to any individuals and organisations that will find them useful. Many of our clients come to us after reading our publications and understanding what actions they need to take to improve their security.

Take the first steps to gaining the enterprise security knowledge you need by downloading our free documents today