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Protecting what matters to you

Security is a process and you should always be working towards improving your controls and enhancing your protection, but in the most cost effective manner possible. We offer a wide range of services, and it is reasonable to assume that if it relates to any type of security, we can help you. To make things a bit easier, we have grouped our services into six main areas, detailed on this page. This is not an exhaustive list, however, and we constantly strive to work with organisations and the wider community to protect assets, reduce losses and improve all-round protection. See our testimonials for some insight into what our other customers think.

Security is important for everyone but no one has unlimited resources. At Halkyn Consulting, our security specialists are keen to make sure you only implement the security controls you really need. We never try to sell services that aren't suitable and we don't try to push you towards a specific brand or type of product. Unlike some other consultancies, our advice is given to suit your needs, your risks and your situation.

Emergency Response Services

Rather than worry about how you can deal with a breach should you ever have one, you can relax with our emergency response service. This is like insurance, but better. We will help deploy advanced response tools on your network then, if you need us, we will be there to support you. If you don't have a breach, you can use us for other things so you never waste your money. Learn more →

Active Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber criminals, hackers and nation states are getting better at avoiding your security controls and often spend months inflitrating networks until they get everything they want. Our active threat hunting service helps you change the balance and track down attackers before they get access to your crown jewels. Learn more →

Annual Security Assurance

Our annual package gives you the year-round peace of mind which comes from having easy access to security advice, regular visits to ensure your controls are in place, reviews of your contracts and 3rd party suppliers, assistance in developing policies, awareness training sessions for your employees and more. Learn more →

Security Incident Response

Breaches happen when you least expect them. Our security specialists can help you prepare, detect, respond and investigate to ensure that any attack is quickly contained. We make sure your organisation regains control as quickly as possible, minimising any damage and keeping your business running as smoothly as possible. Learn more →

Digital Forensics

From recovering accidentally erased data through reverse engineering malware to producing full, court-ready, evidence packs detailing a full electronic record, our digital forensics team can help you respond to cyber attacks, retrieve lost data, investigate insider crime and defend against external litigation. Learn more →

Information Security

For some businesses information is their lifeblood but what lots of organisations miss is that data is crucial for everything you do. Your customer records, sales projections and so on, can all be vital for your business. Our information security services help you protect your data, comply with the law and resist hackers. Learn more →

Physical Security

Physical security involves a lot more than just locks and fences. When we talk about physical security, we mean security that you can touch, hold and see. Well–implemented physical security controls provide an essential grounding for everything else that you do to protect the things that matter to you. Learn more →

Security Assessments

Security assessment is the process of going through your controls and actually verifying they work. This can take many forms, from a simple talk–through review to a full penetration test where people will actively try to compromise the controls. Without an assessment, the first time you spot a weakness might be too late. Learn more →

Security Policy Development

Security policies form the bedrock from which you can build a security system, underpin what you will train your employees on and are often a requirement for certification or government contracts. Make sure the policies you have are properly written, appropriate to your business and suitable for their purpose. Learn more →

Security Education & Training

Your team is the most important line of defence for your business. Your employees can make or break pretty much every security control you implement. Having a well trained, security aware team is probably the most cost effective improvement available. Ensure that your team has good quality security education. Learn more →

If you want to find out more, or you think the service you need isn't listed here, then please get in touch with our security specialists to find out more about our bespoke security consultancy.