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Ongoing Cyber Security Assurance

Ensure your protection is working for you, all year round.

Making sure your security is working well can be a time consuming headache. Over time complacency sets in and getting a truly independent view can be costly. Problems in your security can grow unnoticed until something goes wrong, often with catastrophic effects. Our ongoing security assurance service has been used by a variety of organisations to simplify their security and provide year round peace of mind. See our testimonials.

Annual Cyber Security Assurance

What we do

The Security Assurance package provides a program of visits by our experienced professionals giving you the peace of mind that your business is secure, your processes are "fit for purpose" and your employees are knowledgeable. In addition, membership of the system will allow you to have experienced & qualified security professionals on call, whenever you need one without the overhead of a permanent salary.

The Annual Security Assurance Process

When you engage Halkyn Consulting to work with you on an annual basis, we will schedule in two full security assessments for the location(s) of your choice. As part of this package, we will review all aspects of your existing security controls against a realistic and credible threat assessment. Our processes will ensure that you are only defending against threats which are realistic to your business, saving you unnecessary costs and preventing resource waste. In addition to our reviews, we will work with your organisation to deliver appropriate and timely security awareness training to your staff & key stakeholders, as well as working with you to remediate any security weaknesses you may identify.

The exact service will always be tailored to your needs and business activities, but the base service comprises the following:

  • An on-site visit to establish your business requirements and operating processes.
  • A bespoke security threat assessment.
  • An initial security assessment survey.
  • A security governance review covering policies, processes and risk management.
  • Subsequent security reviews - approximately every six months, but driven by your business needs.
  • Security awareness training sessions.
  • Policy development sessions.
  • Supplier security reviews.

In addition to the above, you will have dedicated access to our consultants should you need to ask any questions or get advice on a specific issue or incident. This is all part of the annual package so you, and your team, will never have to worry whether or not the situation justifies the call - we are always happy to help you. To find out more about this service, and decide if it is right for you, get in touch with our security professionals today.

Security Assurance Service

Security Assurance For Your Business

For the platinum standard in security assurance for your business, we offer a fully holistic security assurance package. This package combines aspects of all our services - physical security; information security; staff training and coaching. This service enables you to demonstrate your organisation's commitment to protecting assets and growing in a secure & sustainable manner. It also helps you in working towards internationally recognised certifications - such as ISO 27001 or PCI-DSS compliance.

Add Value To Your Business

When you engage Halkyn Consulting to work with you on an annual basis, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll have unrivalled access to our security expertise. If any breaches arise, you'll be able to mount a timely and effective response.

The value to your business from an annual assurance security contract extends far beyond guarding your assets, essential as this aspect of security is to your success. The Annual Assurance package can prove your total commitment to security, to your customers, clients and suppliers. In today's markets, this can bring great competitive advantage. It can be the difference that means success for bids for a high-value government or blue-chip contract.

Compliance with security standards may even be a legally mandated requirement for trading in your chosen field. If your business is in a regulated environment, or you have legal obligations, our security assurance service can be tailored to ensure you provide demonstrable compliance with the requirements placed upon you. We can assist with the production of UK Government List X Self Assessments / IAMMS and provide CLAS Consultants to produce RMADS.