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Digital Forensics

Recovering information from digital sources

Companies face a very wide range of digital risks. Damage can result from the simple failure of a vital hard drive; insider fraud; network intrusion or many other threats. Hence, our digital forensics team have become experts in using a wide range of tools and techniques to recover and investigate materials in digital devices. Our experts will identify, preserve and analyse available evidence and present a clear report on their findings. We follow strict procedures, so all our evidence is robust enough for court should that become necessary. See our testimonials.

Digital Forensic & Data Recovery Services

What we provide

All our services are driven by your needs and we are always willing to tailor what we offer around your requirements. At a very high level, the forensic services we offer include:

  • Data Recovery. From problems as simple as a damaged memory card in your camera to a corrupted hard disk in your server farm, our digital forensics experts give you the best possible chance of recovering your data, saving your files and carrying on with your life.
  • Attack Analysis. We can look at the tools the attackers have used and help you understand what they have been able to do on your systems, what they could have done and how you can stop them.
  • Incident Investigation. If you have an ongoing breach, need to investigate an old one or even want reassurance about a breach in your supply chain, our forensic team will be able to capture the data and provide you with the evidence you need.
  • eDiscovery. When you need to defend yourself against litigation, respond to court orders or prove an electronic data trail, our eDiscovery services will enable you capture the data in whatever format you need to support your case.

This is just a snapshot of what the digital forensics specialists can provide so if you want to find out more then please get in touch see how we can help you.

Litigation Support - Specialist Forensic Services

In addition, our team can provide very specialist forensic services to assist your investigations or act as expert witness testimony in court.

Cell Site Analysis

The geographical location of a mobile telephone at a particular point in time could be invaluable to your case. We can analyse data records to establish when an active SIM card was used in the proximity of one or more mobile network masts and from this produce a time-line map showing exactly where the phone went.

How does it work?

Mobile phone networks use numerous masts, also known as cell towers, to provide coverage for their customers; both for contracts and pay-as-you-go services. The aim is to enable phone users to move between different geographical areas without losing their signal.

Every time a person uses their handset to make or receive a call or text message, or access the internet, data is stored by the network – including a record of which mast provided the coverage needed, thereby revealing the approximate location of the phone at that time.

Call data record analysis

Each item of data stored is known as a call data record (CDR). Our experts can use this data, along with extensive radio frequency measurements, to produce detailed reports on the likely positioning and movements of a mobile phone. These reports can be used as evidence to back up or disprove statements relating to an investigation.

Computer Analysis

A computer (desktop or laptop) can be the primary hub of communications and information storage both at home and work. This means it potentially the evidence-rich exhibit in any given case. Our specialists can maximise this potential and get you the clearest picture of events possible.

How is forensic computer analysis used?

Computer evidence is usually associated with cases involving child pornography or hacking, but is also becoming increasingly useful in cases which have no obvious relevance to technology.

Our forensic team have used computer analysis to assist in cases involving drugs, fraud, asset recovery, corporate investigation, kidnap, murder, rape, insolvency litigation, harassment, assault, robbery, intellectual property theft, dispute resolution, divorce, child abuse and grooming. In such cases, computer-based evidence has been used not only to incriminate, but also to effectively support alibis.

Mobile Phone Analysis

With smart-phone ownership and mobile use becoming universal, phone records are now a popular feature of legal exhibit schedules, often providing vital evidence of a sequence of events – and much more. Having access to reliable information from the devices themselves can make all the difference in the court room.

Why analyse mobile telephone records?

Law enforcement agencies have limited resources, so don’t automatically check all handsets for information, even if a phone is seized during an arrest. This means that potentially crucial evidence may be left unused. What if a photograph contained on a mobile could exonerate a defendant? What if the SMS content can prove the attacker's guilt?

Our specialists can undertake a full forensic investigation of a mobile phone, revealing a substantial amount of current and past content.

What information can be obtained?

We will convert all available media from a phone or memory card (or both) into a format for easy access – for example, to be displayed on a computer, DVD player or CD player. For an increasing number of handsets, this may include both live and deleted evidence from call logs, contact lists, SMS (text messages), emails, images (including meta data with time and location), internet history, bluetooth connections, memory card data an much more.

Want to know more about our forensic services?

Our forensic team can do much more than can be covered in a single webpage, so if you want to know more about how we can help you,then get in touch today.