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Physical Security Services

Protecting your tangible assets, stock and premises

Stolen stock costs you money to replace and lost business. Damaged or stolen assets destroy your productivity. Vandalism can intimidate your staff & customers, is costly to clean up and damages your reputation. Our physical security services can help you identify genuine threats and determine the best way to deal with them. See our testimonials.

Physical Asset Protection Services

Physical Security

Physical security involves a lot more than simply checking locks and fences. When we talk about physical security, we mean the use of physical (things you can touch) controls to protect you, your employees, your property, your buildings, your equipment, your stock and so on. When we talk about controls, these can include locks & fences, but also consider things like CCTV, lighting, windows, guards, alarms and increasingly, the use of "natural" objects to provide security as well as presenting a positive corporate appearance and minimising any harm to the environment.

What we provide

We realise that your needs are unique and that your security requirements are driven by many circumstances such as your organisation's risk appetite, the threats you face and the disposition of your assets. We also realise that your physical security needs change over time, from new buildings to established businesses. As a result, we have made sure our services are flexible and adaptable enough to cater for all your requirements.

Our core services fall into the following categories - although the specifics will always be built around you and your needs:

  • Security Survey. Our security professionals will visit your location (or locations) to review what controls are in place and how well these meet the agreed threats.
  • Security Inspection. If you have a set of standards that must be met, or want assurance about the quality of a 3rd party supplier, we can carry out an independent inspection on your behalf.
  • Security Improvement. All security measures degrade over time and breaches occur. Our improvement services will work with you to identify the best way to bring in new controls or refresh existing ones.
  • Security Assessment & Testing. The best way to get assurance about your security is to test it. When you take advantage of our assessment services we will put your security through its paces in a real-world test and identify if there are any weaknesses before the bad guys do.
  • Security Build. If you are planning to move or expand your premises, our security consultants will work with you to build in security from the start.

Often your needs will dictate a combination of our services and if you want to learn more about how Halkyn Consulting can improve your physical security get in touch today. If you want to combine physical security with other services we are more than happy to do so and for the ultimate in peace of mind check out our annual security assurance package.

Physical Security Processes

Secure what matters

All our physical security services start with an assessment of your assets to make sure there is a solid understanding of how valuable things are. Depending on your business, this can include stock, cash, equipment and even customer loyalty.

Throughout this process, we remain fully engaged with you and your stakeholders to minimise the risk of neglecting things as well as to make sure nothing gets over-valued. This is important to prevent you ending up spending unnecessary amounts on security controls. Remember, security is there to protect your business, not to drain resources.

Secure against real threats

Our next stage is to determine what poses a credible threat that you face. We use a variety of sources, including public crime data, to determine the security threats you face and this stage is geared to being realistic, rather than driven by sensationalist headlines.

By working with you to determine the threat, we aim to make sure that security controls are not easily bypassed by the criminals who are going to target you; while at the same time making sure you don’t need to defend against threats you will never face.

Good Security Practice

Our consultants give you access to a wealth of knowledge about good security practices and how they apply to your business. Working with you, we will help you identify what your key assets are, what threats they face, and how best to mitigate the risks that are created.

Through this, you will be able to take advantage of our experience in many different sectors and apply the lessons learned to your own business, organisation or home.

Global Security

When you have responsibility for many locations, especially across different countries, then you can use our global experience to ensure that your security is fit for purpose at every location.

If you are a multinational, it is often better for you to set a corporate security policy but allow different regions to drive their own procedures and processes. However, this can make checking compliance difficult and it can be challenging to verify best practice is followed across all locations. If you take advantage of our security survey and inspection services we will be able to assist you this and provide solid assurance for your key stakeholders.

Whatever part of the globe you are involved in, we can help you improve your security. If you want to find out more, then get in touch.